Swampie Jethro | 12in x 12in Original Painting

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Yes, I realize how outrageous this painting is, but truthfully, I can't imagine anything else for the amazing Jethro. Since moving to New Orleans, Villalobos Rescue Center as taken on a new cause - the swampies. These are dogs that may not fall under the 'pit bull' category, but are still just as deserving as any other. Now, since taking over the Asumption Parish shelter, Villalobos has been caring for more and more of these beautiful swamp dogs and I just couldn't bear to leave them out of our annual VRC fundraiser! 

100% of the profits from the sale of this painting will be donated to Villalobos Rescue Center to help save more amazing Pit Bulls!

This piece is an original design by artist Stephanie Conrad.

Painting measures 11in x 14in and is completed around edges, making your painting ready to hang when it arrives! 

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