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This original piece of art is a tribute to Prada. Prada will be living the remainder of her life with the Villalobos family. Prada's story made international headlines. When Prada escaped from her home in Nashville, TN, she did what many dogs on the loose do, she got into trouble. Unfortunately, the trouble that she got into involved another dog and after being taken into custody by Animal Control, things turned really ugly. Prada's owner tried to get her back, but due to the 'one strike and your out' type policy against dogs, Prada was deemed 'dangerous' and sentenced to death. After a very lengthy legal battle, and nearly a year and a half later, Prada was finally awarded custody to Tia Torres and Villalobos Rescue, with the stipulation that Prada live the rest of her days with Villalobos. Prada lives a happy life, where she gets great attention and even does agility training to keep her mind working and to keep her smiling. The proceeds from Prada's cute pink portrait will be donated to Villalobos Rescue Center to help cover some of the costs that Prada and all of the Villalobos pups need on a daily basis!

30% of the profits from this sale will be donated to Villalobos Rescue Center.
Because this print is offered as a fundraising opportunity, no refunds will be accepted. 

This is a print of an original piece of artwork created by Stephanie Conrad. Print measures 5in x 7in and is matted in an 8in x 10in black matte. Print is printed on high quality, archival luster paper. Print is easily framed in any 8in x 10in frame and is sure to be a great conversation piece for any pet lover to hang in their home!

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Watermark does not appear on print.