Neuter Your Dog - Balls Look Ridiculous! | Tote Bag

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Of course, their are many benefits to neutering your dog; eliminating cancer risks, avoiding breeding (because we all know how many amazing pets are already looking for homes in shelters) and reducing the need for unwanted behaviors due to testosterone. Then there is the cosmetic reason - balls look ridiculous! Seriously, they just hang there like little dice from a rear-view mirror. No one wants to see that! So, stop embarrassing your dog by letting his balls hang out in the open for everyone to see and neuter that pooch!

This funny tote bag is the perfect accessory for any pet lover. Each of our tote bags is hand-printed in Austin, TX and features an original design by Stephanie Conrad of Pet Studio Art. Many of the models featured in our line are rescue animals from various shelters and animal sanctuaries around the country. Design is copyright Pet Studio Art. All totes are hand printed in Austin, Texas in our personal studio.

Perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, get well gifts or any special occasion. Excellent carry on tote for travel or even a great option for carrying towels and snacks to the beach.

Tote Information:
Environmentally friendly cotton tote bag
Hand Printed in Austin, TX
Made of 100% cotton.
Weight: 6oz
Measurements: 14.5in x 15in (No gusset at bottom)

Cleaning Instructions: Hand wash cold. Hang dry. Do not machine wash. Our cotton fabric is made to be easily washable by hand. For stains, you can use stain removers. Do not iron.

For questions, comments or to inquire about wholesale or custom orders please contact Pet Studio Art via email at