Gauge (in memorium) | Original 8in x 10in Painting SALE: Was $150

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Gauge’s story is one that just brings me to tear. As we started this fundraiser, I wasn’t exactly prepared for such an emotional story, but wow, am I honored to be able to tell it in Gauge’s memory. In 2005, at just over a year old, Gauge was shot by an over-zealous police officer. Now, I am a big fan of law enforcement, so this is not a police bashing story, but one that needs to be told because there is a lot of misinformation and unfortunately, lack of training for police officers when it comes to responding to animals.

As puppies do, Gauge and his sister, Trixie went out back to play. Somehow, after a few minutes, they ended up in their own front yard, continuing their puppy rough-housing. What happened next is a bit blurry, but as their mom realized they were outside after hearing what sounded like gunshots. Panicked, she opened the front door, Trixie came running inside but to her horror, Gauge, as he was heading for the door, was shot in the back of the head right in front of her.

As the horrible scene unfolded, Gauge’s parents realized that the gun belonged to a police officer who was standing at the curb in front of their house. The officer claimed the two young dogs had charged him, yet six shots had been fired in total, in random places throughout the yard. In addition, several questions remained unanswered by the officer, including why Gauge was fatally shot in the BACK of his head – obviously a sign that he was not charging the officer.

After working to gather details and pursuing legal action, it became clear that the police force in this town was not one that would admit fault and after harassment by an officer who stopped her for a speeding ticket as well as putting Trixie on probation and issuing a ticket for the dogs being outside without tags, the only option for their mental, physical and emotional health was to move and start over. As the family gathered their things and began to move on, they then met Pinups for Pitbulls who offered invaluable support and a loving community of dog lovers who understood the true toll of their story. While Gauge will never be able to come back, his memory can live on to help dogs in the future. 

100% of the profits from this painting will be donated to Pinups for Pitbulls to help fund their amazing program!

This piece is an original design by artist Stephanie Conrad.

Painting measures 10in x 8in with a 3/4in depth.
Painting is complete around the edges (no staples show in canvas) and arrived ready to hang directly on the wall or can easily be framed by buyer.

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Watermark does not appear on painting.