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Meeting 87 cats in a day can seem overwhelming to some, but my visit to Shadow Cats was something I will never forget! One cat in particular, Billy, just had me at hello! This handsome boy came to Shadow Cats as a very feral cat. Generally, he would stay hidden in the many nooks and crannies that Shadow Cats provides specifically for cats like Billy. Fortunately for me, I visited on a day that Billy was feeling particularly outgoing and was able to get some photos and even witness the rare Billy pet by one of the volunteers. It has taken years of being in the sanctuary for Billy to warm up enough to enjoy being loved on, but that's the beauty of Shadow Cats, each cat is treated as an individual and Billy has been given the time he needs to warm up to the staff and volunteers. 

Billy;s ear, as you see has permantently flopped over. Don't worry, though, he is not in any pain. This was caused by an infection which he contracted in 2010. While it has been treated professionally and Billy experiences zero pain from it, his ear will always have that cute little flop, which makes him even more charming in my opinion! 

This original painting was created by artist Stephanie Conrad to benefit Shadow Cats. 100% of the profits from this sale will be donated to Shadow Cats Sanctuary during the month of November 2014. 

Painting measures 8in x 10in and is complete around all edges, making it ready to hang when it arrives!

Painting is non-refundable once ordered since profits are donated to charity.