Baxter Bean | Original 12in x 12in Painting SALE: Was $125

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Baxter Bean was only 4 months old when he first ended up in rescue. This beautiful puppy had been subjected to horrible abuse, it looked as though he had chemicals poured on his small body, or had been set on fire. He not only lost his fur, but his spirit suffered. Luckily for Baxter, it just happened to work out that Pinups for Pitbulls Founder, Deirdre (Little Darling) had recently adopted out her former foster and was able to bring in this little munchkin. Her current dogs, Carla Lou and Howie immediately fell in love and it was only a few short months later that Baxter officially became part of the family! Now, at 9 years old, Baxter has become quite the gentleman and is of course, still incredibly loved.

100% of the profits from this painting will be donated to Pinups for Pitbulls to help fund their amazing program!

This piece is an original design by artist Stephanie Conrad.

Painting measures 12in x 12in with a 3/4in depth.
Painting is complete around the edges (no staples show in canvas) and arrived ready to hang directly on the wall or can easily be framed by buyer.

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Watermark does not appear on painting.