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Featured Charity

After Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast, many animal rescue organizations stepped in to help the areas hit the hardest. I had the pleasure of volunteering not only with my regular organizations, but with a few new groups as animals came in. A lovely friend and my personal dog trainer, Tara of K9 Working Mind happened to share a story of two little pit bull mix puppies that were saved in one of the hard hit coastal cities. They were in need of a foster commitment or else they may not have had room in their rescue program to bring these sweet little ladies back to Austin. I chatted with my partner, who immediately said, "yes!" and the pups headed this way! We fostered Fiona and Frannie for several weeks until they were old enough to be adopted. They went on to amazing homes and I still get updates regularly to see how happy they are!

Fast forward 5 months and 3 fosters later, I was volunteering to do some photos for the Bastrop Animal Shelter, just outside of Austin TX. This shelter is a rural shelter that does not have the support that a city-shelter typically receives. Meaning, this shelter relies on support from the community and their rescue partners. Luckily, Wags is one of these partners and while I was photographing pets, I absolutely fell in love with an adorable little puppy sitting in her kennel all alone. She was bruised up, has scars on her face and was absolutely terrified when we brought her home. After a week, she looked like a new puppy! Her fur was shiny, her confidence has grown, although we still go slow with her as she can be a little shy. We know that a few more weeks of TLC, good food and lots of love, she will be ready for a very special home of her own!